TIM Tec courses are already online

TIM Tec courses are already online

The TIM Tec platform is ready to be used on the official website. Three courses are already available: HTML5 – Introduction to the Front End, Games Design and the TIM Faz Ciência course for teachers. The classes are free and are in online video format, in Portuguese, managed by a teacher who is an expert in the subject. In addition to the video lessons, the students do exercises and activities to learn the content. To follow the classes, you just have to access the website and register.

The teacher of the HTML5 – Introduction to the Front End course, Fábio Flatschart, followed the whole TIM Tec process, watched the videos and followed the improvement of the platform. He was the teacher-tutor of the TIM Tec pilot courses carried out in the Cidade Tiradentes Cultural Formation Center, in São Paulo, and in the Sul-rio-grandense Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, in Santana do Livramento. “The expectations were met. The platform offers knowledge to the students and recognition to the teachers. It is a knowledge sharing,” states Fabio, who is the author of the book “HTML5 – Now Boarding” and a guest professor in the most important MBA programs in Brazil (FGV, FIA, Trevisan).

Along the process of platform development and course production it was improved to meet in a more precise way the needs of those who seek professional qualification in areas related to Information Technology. “All the suggestions listed during the pilot classes are in the platform [references, interface improvement etc.]. The courses the students requested will also be available for use in the future, like Image Handling, PHP, among others,” explains the teacher.

TIM Tec is an initiative from Instituto TIM, in line with the objectives and ideals of  Pronatec (National Program for Access to Technical Education and Employment). The TIM Tec courses are MOOCs (online, open and free courses), and allow the students to clear doubts and talk to other participants (through forums), take notes and to even share the content with other people. For Fábio Flatschart, interaction is one of the most important benefits the system offers. The TIM Tec platform was developed in free software and all videos made available are licensed under Creative Commons (an open code which allows the use of the content for other purposes, as long as the original source is quoted).

To learn more about the platform, visit: timtec.com.br/pt.