TFC at the Science Fair in SC

TFC at the Science Fair in SC

Three schools from Florianópolis-SC presented projects developed during the TIM Faz Ciência classes at the I Municipal Science and Mathematics Fair. The event was held on September 23rd at EBM Virgílio dos Reis Várzea and brought together works by students and teachers from basic education and university.

The municipal secretary of Education, Rodolfo Joaquim Pinto da Luz, attended the opening of the Fair and mentioned the partnership of the Municipal Department of Education with Instituto TIM through TIM Faz Ciência. He visited the booths of all works presented, including the schools that participate in TIM Faz Ciência.

Three fifth graders from EB Maria Tomázia Coelho presented the project “What is the future we want?”. The children joined a community campaign of Praia do Santinho, where the school is located, for the creation of a municipal natural park in the region (learn more). Teacher Ednéia Patrícia Dias is associating the intellectual operations of TIM Faz Ciência to each activity done by the class, like observing the site to identify vegetation. The project for the creation of the park has been approved by mayor Cezar Souza Junior and is pending before the City Council. During the Fair, students collected signatures for a petition that will be delivered to councilors.

The booth of EB Acácio Garibaldi São Thiago exhibited elastic powered toy cars built by the fifth graders, who were represented by three students. The group observed a toy car model made by teacher Júlia Belinaso, created hypotheses about its construction and set up their own vehicles based on the observations. They had four classes to assemble and test the toy cars, using plastic connecting parts and elastic. In the end, the teams took part in a race and held an exhibition at the science lab of the school to explain the assembling and operation of the toy cars to the other students.

Teachers Carlos Wendt and Daiana Freitas, from EBM Antônio Paschoal Apóstolo, enrolled in the teacher category with the project “Photographic Marathon”. The fourth graders practiced the intellectual operation Observe on a tour to photograph the Rio Vermelho neighborhood, where the school is located. The objectives were to present some photography techniques to children, help them improve the ability to observe what is around and sensitize them as to environmental preservation – the neighborhood houses the Rio Vermelho State Park, which was also observed and photographed by the group.