TFC and Círculo have a presentation

TFC and Círculo have a presentation

Instituto TIM promoted a meeting in Brasília (DF) to present two of its projects: TIM Faz Ciência and O Círculo da Matemática do Brasil. The event was held on March 10 in two shifts and gathered about 200 people in the auditorium of Escola Parque 308 Sul. The audience was made up of teachers and principals of public schools and representatives of the Regional Coordination Offices of Education and the State Department of Education (SEDF).

Among the SEDF representatives, the event was attended by the Primary Education principal, Francisco Carlos; the advisor to the Coordination of Educational Policies for Early Childhood Education, Enir Lacerda; and Primary Education Programs and Projects Manager, Marilia Teixeira. Francisco and Enir opened the meeting and stressed the importance of partnerships such as the one with the Instituto TIM to contribute to the quality of public education.

In addition to the presentations of the two programs by the TFC coordinator, Rita Kerder, and by the Círculo collaborator for Institutional Relations in Brasilia, Séfora Portela, there was a lecture by the Professor José Sérgio de Carvalho, one of the responsible parties for the production of teaching materials for TFC. Associate professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of São Paulo (USP), José Sérgio spoke about the topic “School culture, science education and ethics formation”.

It was also displayed a video about Círculo with testimonials from the Harvard University professors Bob and Ellen Kaplan, creators of The Math Circle approach, and the economist Flávio Comim. After that, Daniela Motta, educator of the project in Brasilia, involved the entire audience in a dynamic of Círculo. The end of the meeting was opened to questions from participants.

Pictures: Marcio Soares