Different uses of ZUP in Boa Vista

Different uses of ZUP in Boa Vista

In Boa Vista (RR), nine departments and municipal bodies, besides the project Família que Acolhe, adopted the VcBV platform, ZUP installation in the city, to assist in public management. The city launched the platform on December 2nd, 2015, and uses it for different purposes. One of them is to register the citizens’ requests made by the phone 156.

“All the public service bodies of the City Hall use VcBV. Through 156, the City Hall service phone number, the citizen makes a report, the attendants insert the data in VcBV and the responsible departments perform the services and update data via app”, explains the municipal secretary of Digital Inclusion, Amanda Sanguanini.

The system’s inventory tool is used by the Municipal Department of Social Management to catalogue families who participate in social programs of the municipality. The tool registers the people data, the current situation and all necessary information for the family monitoring and care. In January, the inventory was also used to map outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, transmitter of dengue, chikungunya and zika virus. “There were several teams working in different locations and it facilitated a lot, because we were able to, at the end of the action, have all the data in a single place”, says the secretary.

Sanitary Surveillance staff has the support of an app – which is also part of ZUP – directed to inspection to register information of the inspected establishments. Using tablets, agents can take pictures of the establishments and insert into the system. To Amanda, it facilitates the inspection process and prevents the contest of the information, once it generates evidences of the occurrences. “Transparency in the City Hall work became more evident.”

The VcBV system already has more than 22,000 registered reports in 87 service categories. The speed in obtaining information and the possibility of georeferencing are some of the benefits mentioned by the secretary. “Managers can make decisions based on what is being reported in the system”, says.

Amanda also highlights the easiness to adapt the platform according to the municipal bodies necessities. This is being done at the moment so that the inspection app can be used in the environment and finance areas. “We are able to adapt ZUP to monitor any kind of situation”, says the secretary. The creation of an inventory of the city streetlights to check problems related to the lighting on the streets is also planned.