Cultural data from all over Brazil

Cultural data from all over Brazil

Available since 2015, the platform Mapa da Cultura has information about cultural agents, places, projects and events from all over Brazil and it is one of the four deployments of the open source software Mapas Culturais in the Ministry of Culture (MinC). The management is performed by MinC in partnership with Instituto TIM, that offers technological support. It is a space to promote and integrate cultural actions from all the states of the country.

The platform gathers information from different MinC units, city halls, municipal and state departments and other public institutions. Data of Museus BR, Mapa das Bibliotecas and Cultura Viva, which have their own platforms, are also integrated by Mapa da Cultura. In addition, any person – from the cultural area or not − can contribute. The system is self-declaratory; the only requirement is to register before collaborating, informing the CPF or CNPJ numbers.

Mapa da Cultura is one of the functionalities of the National System for Cultural Information and Indicators (SNIIC) and its purpose is to provide visibility to Brazilian cultural agents and equipment. “The idea is that the map works as a showcase for those making culture in the country. Mapa da Culture has this ability to connect the different elements of the cultural area productive chain”, says Luiz Antônio Gouveia de Oliveira, general coordinator of Statistics and Indicators of Culture from MinC.

A difference between Mapa da Cultura and the other MinC installations is that it has information labels, which allow the user to see which is the entity responsible for a certain data (in case of institutional information). In addition, a new functionality will be soon released: a calendar of international events, which will be updated with the embassies.


There are more than 33,800 agents registered on the platform. They can be legal entities or private individuals, from independent artists to managers of public departments. The user finds professional addresses and basic information about the agents, such as contact data and type of language with which it works (music or drama, for example).


The platform has more than 13,500 cultural venues registered. The system allows to check several location, such as cinemas, libraries, art galleries and book stores and find information like address, contact and opening hours.


Cultural agents and institutions from all over Brazil can register the projects they are developing, contributing to promote and obtain support.


Every institution can register its own events and update its information. The users find events such as cinema shows and exhibitions and information like date, venue and type of event.