Get to know the Mapas platforms in MinC

Get to know the Mapas platforms in MinC

Since 2015, the Ministry of Culture (MinC) has a partnership with Instituto TIM to use the free software Mapas Culturais. The partnership started with the migration of the National System for Cultural Information and Indicators (SNIIC) to Mapas Culturais, resulting in the creation of the platform Mapa da Cultura. In addition to providing the entire SNIIC database, Mapa da Cultura aggregates data from three other platforms created by MinC from the software: Museus BR, Cultura Viva and Mapa das Bibliotecas. MinC also contributes to the expansion of Mapas in Brazil by encouraging states and cities to join the platform. Next, find out more about the four Mapas deployments in MinC (click on the titles to read the full articles):

Mapa da Cultura

The first deployment of Mapas Culturais in MinC integrates information of agents, venues, projects and cultural events from all over the country, as well as gathering data of other three MinC platforms that use Mapas Culturais software. Anyone can register, consult and contribute to register information on the platform, which already has more than 36,300 agents and 15,300 cultural venues registered. The goal of this tool is to connect and make visible the work of all people responsible for producing culture in Brazil.

Museus BR

Data of more than 3,700 public and private museums of all over Brasil is available at Museus BR platform, managed by the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram). The tool gathers in one online environment all the information collected since 2006 by the National Register of Museums. Users can also insert data from other museums – which are verified by Ibram’s team – and search for museums by location, theme, type or keyword. The registrations of museums, required by law, started to be centralized in the system.

Cultura Viva

Cultura Viva (Living Culture) platform is the digital interface of the National Registry of Spots and Great Spots of Culture, which is part of the Living Culture Program. The registration as a spot or great spot of culture (cultural agents and organizations that promote activities in their communities) can be done at the system itself and submitted to evaluation by a MinC committee. The tool is a way of integrating the more than 2 thousand already identified spots in all states of the country and to map the reach of the national policy for culture.

Mapa das Bibliotecas

The National System os Public Libraries (SNBP) released Mapa das Bibliotecas (Libraries Map) as part of National Registration of Libraries, with the goal that all Brazilian libraries can be present in the system. In addition to providing data from more than 7 thousand libraries (so far) for user consultation, the platform contributes to public agencies studies and surveys – including to follow one of the National Plan of Culture goals that all cities can have at least one public library until 2020.