AWC’s 2nd training: understanding the user

AWC’s 2nd training: understanding the user

The 2nd Academic Working Capital training for teachers of State Technical Schools (Etecs) and Technology Colleges (Fatecs) was held on May 23rd. Six Etecs and one Fatec participated in the training in São Paulo-SP in the Central Administration of Paula Souza Center, partner of Instituto TIM in this initiative. While the subject of the 1st training was client discovery, this time, the AWC team talked about user obsession, knowing their needs and the best way to meet them.

The AWC coordinators, Marcos Barretto, professor at the University of São Paulo (USP), and Diogo Dutra, mechatronics engineer, resumed some points from the previous meeting, such as recommendations to conduct interviews and what are the roles of AWC’s monitors. They also complimented the participation of Etecs’ students in the Online Workshop I: “The performance was shocking and amazing. It was impressive to see them using the tools and working, they should be congratulated”, said Marcos.

In the first part of the training, the groups of teachers presented the slide decks of their products and received feedbacks from AWC coordinators and Raul Javales, partner of The New Venture Group consulting company. The other teachers also commented on the presentations via Slack. After the 1st training, the groups started to perform interviews with potential clients and users of their products and updated the tools Value Proposition Canvas and CSD Matrix. The goal is for them to experience the same process as the students in order to better understand the AWC dynamics.

Then, Diogo explained the structure of two more tools that help to understand the clients’ segment: personas and the user journey. “We are going to use personas to define behavior standards of the people you are going to search”, he explained. The user journey can be created for two contexts, before and after the use of the product. The intention is to identify the user’s dissatisfaction points and how your product can solve them. The groups got together until the end of the day to create both tools.

Teacher Antônio Carlos da Silva, from Etec Bento Quirino, in Campinas-SP, commented there was a lack of entrepreneurship vision for the students and professors of the industry sector. “We had the opportunity to extend the range, but it is still in a limited group, our group, which is here experimenting this. We intend to take it to school to work with the other fellow teachers, so that they engage the highest number of students”, he said. “It is being very rewarding for us, especially because we can provide students the opportunity to come here and show the skills they have, their projects. It is a great deal for the students”, added the teacher from Etec Aristóteles Ferreira, in Santos-SP, Lindionete Verderi Rodrigues.

Etecs Jorge Street (São Caetano do Sul), Júlio de Mesquita (Santo André), Getúlio Vargas (São Paulo) and Rosa Perrone Scavone (Itatiba) and Fatec São Bernardo do Campo, all located in the state of São Paulo, also participated in the training. Teachers will keep performing interviews, updating their tools and interacting online with other groups and the AWC team until the next training, on June 26th.