Developing skills: Exponential Education starts a new journey

Developing skills: Exponential Education starts a new journey

The Educação Exponencial (Exponential Education) course, a partnership between the NGO One By One and TIM Institute, started a new class in August. The initiative is aimed at NGO beneficiaries and their families, providing an immersion in the universe of entrepreneurship and technology, through weekly virtual classes.

One of the program’s emphases is the first mission of the learning journey, which challenges students to create a fictional application development company. The process involves submitting company name ideas, followed by a vote to select the ideal name. Next, the students dedicate themselves to creating the logo, which is also selected by voting. The monitor then provides a preview and encourages students to think about a first application, generating enthusiasm for the next step.

Another highlight of the course is the integration of participants from different age groups. Professor Julia Novaes explains: “We try to form groups of students with similar ages and during the weekly presentations, one group follows the development of the product of the other. This allows ideas and learning between different groups to intertwine. Mixing different visions, learning and experiences!”

During the semester, students will have the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial skills, explore different fields and cultivate a continuous improvement mindset. The expectation is that the initiative will continue to positively impact the lives of young participants and their families, opening up new perspectives and opportunities for the future.

“For this semester, we are excited about the increase in young adults who are eager to learn. In the first class, most did not want it to end and were already looking forward to the next one. During the face-to-face meeting, right at the reception, we made the question: ‘What do you expect from the Exponential project?’ The vast majority answered that they seek to study to change their lives”, concludes Julia.