TIM Institute Drumming closes cycle and opens TIM Music Rio with contagious energy

TIM Institute Drumming closes cycle and opens TIM Music Rio with contagious energy

The TIM Institute Drums shone when opening TIM Music Rio, the biggest free music festival in Brazil that took place over three weekends on Copacabana beach. Under the leadership of Master Mangueirinha, of Unidos de Vila Isabel, and musician Rubens Kurin, the talented members enchanted the audience with a performance full of energy, paving the way for a night of concerts with Monobloco and Daniela Mercury.

“It was a remarkable and exciting experience. Our drumming band are inclusive, our rhythm is samba, which is also inclusive, so everything was wonderful!”, says Master Mangueirinha about the presentation.

In addition to marking the beginning of the festival, this special performance also concluded another cycle of the TIM Institute Drums project. Soon, there will be a call for new members, offering the opportunity for more people to join this transformative initiative that unites music and inclusion.

For more than a decade, the Tim Institute’s Drums project has been a reference in musical inclusion. It offers free percussion classes for around 50 children, young people and adults with and without disabilities, who meet on saturdays at the Artur da Távola Carioca Music Center, in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. The current cycle, consisting of 40 meetings, began in July 2022. In addition to the exciting opening of TIM Music Rio, this year the artists also had the opportunity to open the show by the renowned Gilberto Gil.

Student Ryan Henrique, 15 years old, recounts his experiences at the TIM Music Noites Cariocas (TIM Music Cariocas Nights) and TIM Music Rio performances: “I felt very honored to open the show of a revered artist like Gilberto Gil! And to open a show like that in Copacabana too it was wonderful! At first, I was nervous because there were so many people, but later, over time, I felt like the happiest person in the world! Opening a show with these artists is not something that everyone does, and I never thought I would do it. I loved it! If there are other events, I will love being there with the people even more.”

The successful participation of the TIM Institute Drums in these major events reaffirms the positive power of music in society and leaves an inspiring legacy for everyone.