On National Music and Musicians Day, TIM Institute’s Drums shows that music is also inclusion

On National Music and Musicians Day, TIM Institute’s Drums shows that music is also inclusion

In commemoration of the National Day of Music and Musicians, celebrated on November 22, the TIM Institute is highlighting one of its most inspiring initiatives: the “Bateria do Instituto TIM” (TIM Institute’s Drums). On this special date, it is essential to recognize music as a tool for inclusion and transformation. Throughout its history, the initiative has been a source of inspiration for those who accompany it, highlighting the power of music as a tool for expression, overcoming and unity.

Since 2010, the initiative has been led by Master Mangueirinha, a renowned member of Unidos de Vila Isabel, and musician and composer Rubens Kurin. Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, the Drums uses pedagogical methods that integrate and make musical practice accessible to each of the apprentices. In addition, the project stands out as an impactful social technology, presenting solutions that can be replicated and adapted to different contexts.

“We learn much more from each student than we teach. These are lessons that we take with us into our lives and that give us a new outlook as professionals and human beings,” says Master Mangueirinha.

Drums of TIM Institute is not just a musical group, it is a collective committed to integration and diversity, bringing together around 60 participants, including children, young people and adults from Rio de Janeiro, with and without disabilities. Guided by drum masters, musicians, monitors, teachers of singing, musical expression and Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) interpreters, the members of the project immerse themselves in a journey of continuous musical education.

“At TIM Institute’s Drums, democratic access to a truly inclusive musical education enables participants to transcend the limitations that society imposes. This Music Day is a celebration not only of the art itself, but of everything that music can provide,” says Anna Carolina Meireles, TIM’s Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.

The TIM Institute’s Drums is a testament to the transformative power of music, a project that continues to touch lives and open up musical paths for all participants, helping them to reach their full potential.