Tributes and sweepstake in OBMEP award

Tributes and sweepstake in OBMEP award

The Brazilian Public School Math Olympics National Awarding Ceremony, which homages Olympic gold medalists, is an exciting event for students, and Instituto TIM cold not miss it out. The 14th edition of the Ceremony took place on Monday, July 8th, in Salvador-BA, and delivered 575 gold medals to students from all over the country.

As a way of gifting and congratulating the achievement of the medalists present at the Ceremony, Instituto TIM also drew 100 smartphones during the event. “OBMEP values schools, teachers and reinforces the importance of mathematical knowledge. The long-lasting partnership of Instituto TIM  with IMPA [National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics] allows the continuity of university studies to a group of medalists to form a new generation of Brazilian mathematics talents”, says the president of Instituto TIM, Mario Girasole.


Among the authorities that participated were the minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, Marcos Pontes; the president of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, João Luiz Filgueiras de Azevedo; the president of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, Paolo Piccione; the CEO of IMPA, Marcelo Viana; the deputy director of IMPA and general coordinator of OBMEP, Claudio Landim; and the representative of the Presidency of Instituto TIM, Marcio Couto Lino.

According to the Minister Marcos Pontes, the mathematical education is fundamental for the development of the country. “Technology and innovation are directly linked to mathematical education, logical thinking, and proposing solutions to the challenges of humankind. Every society that wants to evolve, needs to invest in exact sciences. Therefore, OBMEP is so important for encouraging the study of discipline. Private support, such as Instituto TIM, the medalists, is also very relevant because it allows the youth to follow their academic training, understanding that the government, market and society invest in their dreams and projects”, he emphasizes.


The event was even more special for the students Bernardo Quintão, João Mateus Souza, Renan de Paixão, Gabriel Coura, Rafael Magno and Lucas de Souza: in addition to being OBMEP 2018 medalists, they are among the 50 new Instituto TIM-OBMEP scholarships holders contemplated earlier this year. Currently, they attend, respectively, Medicine, at the University of São Paulo (USP); Systems Engineering, at the State University of Montes Claros; Mathematics, at the Federal University of Espírito Santo; Medicine, at USP-Ribeirão Preto Campus; Electrical Engineering, at the Federal University of Paraíba; and Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Campina Grande.

The five scholarship holders are among the 18.2 million students who participated in OBMEP in 2018. In addition to the gold medalists, 6.9 thousand students were awarded silver and bronze medals and further 46.6 thousand students received honorable mention. “What we have here is the future of Brazil. Students from more than 55 thousand schools, representing 99.4% of Brazilian municipalities”, IMPA president, Marcos Viana, said during a ceremony.