TIM Tec has already reached over 180 thousand students

TIM Tec has already reached over 180 thousand students

Wishing for a career change, designer Camila Simões Pereira, 31, was very surprised when she met TIM Tec, an online courses platform developed and distributed by Instituto TIM. “When I stumbled upon the available courses, I realized I had found a gold mine”, she says. A citizen of São José do Rio Preto-SP, Camila was a student in “Information Architecture and System Design’ in the first half of 2021. “I was surprised with the quality content offered, as it was all free of charge. It’s an improvement opportunity for people who deal with technology and don’t have the means to take on expensive qualifications in this area”. Just like Camila, over 180 Thousand people from all around Brazil have already used the TIM Tec platform for professional improvement or to develop new skills.

With the goal of creating and boosting innovative actions and strategies to democratize knowledge, science and technology, which promote human development in Brazil, Instituto TIM has created TIM Tec in 2013. The platform was designed having as a setting the urgent need to invest in training of young people and adults, and with the purpose of contributing to increase job opportunities and their employability. And without a doubt, distance learning has been an increasingly effective strategy to bring information and knowledge everywhere. There are 32 online courses, free of charge, aimed at professional and technological education.

“We at Instituto TIM believe that technological innovations are the foundation of a new way of working. Thus, we have invested in the creation and democratization of resources and strategies that foster productive technological inclusion of people. And TIM Tec contributes to expand the offering of free, initial and continued qualification courses and distance learning training”, states Marcio Lino, Head of ESG at TIM Brasil.

In addition to the available courses in the platform, TIM Tec is a free software that can be used by any institution that wishes to create and customize new courses. Through a partnership with the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (Setec/MEC), the platform and courses developed by TIM Tec were distributed and are being used by federal education institutions.

The 32 course offerings are split into eight knowledge areas: entrepreneurship, essay writing, new learning resources, game development, e-book development, mobile programming, web design and software development. Each course is divided into classes and each class is divided into chapters of up to 5 minutes. Students watch the video, perform the corresponding activities and may check available supplementary resources, in addition to talk to other students in the forum. By watching all classes and performing supplementary activities, students are awarded a 40-hour digital certificate.

Check below the full list of course offerings:

Connectivity: The Agribusiness Digital Transformation

Production of Web Educational Videos

Entrepreneurship 1: Enterprising Learning with Purpose

Entrepreneurship 2: How to Plan Your Business

Entrepreneurship 3: How to Develop Your Business

Python Development

APIs Development in REST

HTML5 – Front-End Introduction

PHP Programming Language Introduction

Introduction to Programming Logic

Database and SQL Use Introduction

JavaScript: Concepts and Libraries

Introduction to JAVA Programming

Android Programming

Game Programming

Website Development Introduction

Back-End Development

Front-End Development

CSS3 Interface Design

AngularJS Web Development

Java and Apache Wicket Web Development

UX and UI Design

Web PHP Development

MOOC and New Learning Methods

Good Practices in Software Development

Game Design

7 Lessons for Essay Writing

Digital Publishing in Mobile Devices

Image Editing and Treatment

Information Architecture and System Design

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