Unicamp uses TIM Tec to create MOOC platform

Unicamp uses TIM Tec to create MOOC platform

In 2017, the Management Group of Educational Technologies (GGTE – Grupo Gestor de Tecnologias Educacionais), aligned to the Dean of Graduate Unicamp (University of Campinas), adopted the TIM Tec software to create its MOOC/GGTE platform, which offers courses in the MOOC (Massive, Open, Online Courses) model for Unicamp students.

The idea of the Group was to create a supportive environment for learning. “We wanted something that was linked to the classroom and did not go through an extension course process”, says GGTE/UAB coordinator and professor, Marco Antonio Garcia. According to him, the freedom to modify the code to fit the specific objectives of Unicamp was a decisive factor in the choice of TIM Tec software. With a specialized team, the installation process was easy, says Marco.

In addition to the inclusion of courses such as “Safety in Chemical Laboratories”, launched in December 2018, and “Education for ‘Africanity’: Training for Citizenship”, launched in March this year, the GGTE team maintained the courses offered by Instituto TIM.

The platform works on the basis of adherence, both by students and by teachers. “Any teacher can come to the GGTE and say they want to produce content as long as they do not need financial resources,” says the coordinator. The GGTE provides staff, studio, and equipment for interested teachers.

According to the teacher, the feedback from the students has been very good. The positive points highlighted by the students are that the platform is lightweight, only requires an Internet connection to work and looks friendly. “It is not visually cluttered. Which is great, because heavily loaded areas take away the focus on what’s important, which is content,” says Marco.

Until the end of this month, Unicamp will launch an internal notice for teachers, who can receive financial support to produce content, with MOOC/GGTE being one of the platforms available for the publication of it. In addition, GGTE intends to launch at least five more own courses later this year.