TIM Institute Drumming opens Gilberto Gil show

TIM Institute Drumming opens Gilberto Gil show

TIM Institute Drumming gave an exciting performance at the TIM Music Noites Cariocas festival, in Morro da Urca (Rio de Janeiro), on the last 24th. The group opened the show by the great Gilberto Gil, who also had the participation of the Minister of Culture Margareth Menezes. With the artist’s songs in their repertoire, the Drumming involved the public, inviting everyone present to dance and sing along with them.

For more than a decade, Master Mangueirinha and coordinator Rubens Kurin have been at the head of the TIM Institute Drumming, carrying out a work of inclusion and love of music through free percussion classes at the Center of Carioca Music Artur da Távola. Over that time, more than 580 children, young people and adults, including people with disabilities, have gone through the program, which includes singing and body expression classes.

The musical presentation of the group featured carnival marches, popular music and songs by the illustrious artist who played next – and who is a reference for the group – none other than Gilberto Gil.

“I usually say that we travel on a train, and today this train leaves Tijuca and goes to Pão de Açúcar. After everyone is comfortable inside this train, our big trip begins. Each wagon takes a rhythm. We already had some Gilberto Gil songs in our repertoire, and that is our crowning achievement to be able to open the show of our great master, musician, composer, who for us is a king. Today will be just joy”, declared Mangueirinha hours before going on stage.

The TIM Institute Drumming continues to teach music in an inclusive way and bring joy to musical performances around the city. By showing the power of music to transform lives and promote social inclusion, the group highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion for a more just and democratic society.