Bateria: Virtual practice will not let samba stop

Bateria: Virtual practice will not let samba stop

Not even the COVID-19 pandemics have stopped the activities of Bateria do Instituto TIM from being resumed on April 18th. However, all is done safely: the catch is that practices are now being held through video-classes submitted via WhatsApp to its members. It is Bateria Na Sua Casa project, a way of keeping up with initiative without jeopardizing the health of participating children, teens, and adults.

Every Saturday, by the same time of the on-site practices, the rhythmists are sent two video-classes in their phones – one at 10 am and the other at 11 am. The videos contain explanations and exercises that explore music’s fundamental principles, such as time signatures, pace, and rhythm, in addition to playful games. Before and after each submission, the samba band monitors and the conductor, Master Mangueirinha, make themselves present in the group by encouraging students and answering questions on the activities. The rhythmists are encouraged to record their exercises and also, to share these videos in the group.

Despite the limitations, the new format has its advantages, such as a greater time flexibility for students. Those who are unable to take part in the practice when the videos are submitted have the chance to watch them later, when it is most convenient for them and to submit a video of their exercises throughout the week.

An additional benefit is that the Bateria Na Sua Casa project has been increasing parents and children engagement for performing the activities. If parents used to follow practices without taking part in them previously, now some of them have acquired the role of intermediators: often, especially regarding special needs students, parents need to understand the activity before aiding their children in performing them.

Bateria do Instituto TIM has about 50 members, among children, teens, and adults with or without special needs.