Participants of “Exponential Education” course are approved in Computer Science

Participants of “Exponential Education” course are approved in Computer Science

The dream of working in the area of ​​Information Technology (IT) came true for two former students of the “Educação Exponencial” (Exponential Education) course, an initiative by the NGO One by One in partnership with the TIM Institute. Cristian Alves and Leonardo Rener Gonçalves do Nascimento were approved, respectively, at UERJ and UFRRJ universities to study Computer Science. The program seeks to enhance the insertion of these young people in the job market by stimulating entrepreneurship skills, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and autonomous learning.

The course had an exciting impact on students’ lives. Choosing which career to pursue is very challenging. To facilitate this process, it is fundamental to know the maximum of professional possibilities, both in theory and in practice, and also as inspiration. “With the course I realized that Computing is not something from another world, and that, both now and in the future, the job market will be open to people with knowledge in this area”, said Cristian Alves, who learned about the initiative when he went to get a basic food basket for the family and was invited by the project coordinator, Frances Tanure, to participate. Leonardo Rener Gonçalves do Nascimento declared: “The technology area was a sector that I already liked. However, I didn’t know that I could work in it. “Educação Exponencial” (Exponential Education) showed me that I could make a living working in the ‘IT’ area, and I became more and more enchanted by this technology market”.

Frances Tanure, creator and coordinator of the course, shared the team’s happiness with the students’ results: “Cristian is a very dedicated person, who sets a goal in life and goes after it. in college in an area he discovered, and is now fulfilling a dream. Léo joined the NGO at age 8. He took several courses, including Educação Exponencial (Exponential Education). He became a course monitor. We are very happy with this achievement of his, it is enormous pride”.

The NGO One by One is committed to providing social inclusion for families with children with physical, motor or neurological disabilities and in social vulnerability. In this sense, the “Educação Exponencial” (Exponential Education) program aims to develop both the student and his family. During the course, students form groups and develop an application until reaching the final project. Classes are interactive and online, in rooms created on Zoom, and computers and internet are offered to those who need it. The division of groups considers the age and experience with technology of each student.

The project has been innovating at each edition in the quest to reach more people and thus continue to encourage new possibilities for the future. Essential for the participants’ personal and technical development, the One by One initiative in partnership with TIM Institute positively impacts not only the lives of students, but also that of their families and the community in which they live.