Digital transformation of agribusiness is the theme of the new TIM Tec platform course

Digital transformation of agribusiness is the theme of the new TIM Tec platform course

The digital revolution has already come to the field, but not everyone has the scale of its impact. Demystifying the idea that digital transformation has nothing in common with agribusiness and showing that new technologies are not only essential for the future of rural business, but are already part of the lives of agriculturists, is one of the proposals of the course “Connectivity: the digital transformation of agribusiness,” recently launched on the TIM Tec platform (, of the TIM Institute.

Aimed at agribusiness workers and entrepreneurs, students and anyone interested in understanding the relationship between the countryside and new technologies, the course is structured into three classes: “Digital Transformation”, consisting of 15 chapters; “Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence”, with 10 chapters and “Connectivity in the Field”, with 25 chapters.

“The course aims to inform about these technologies involved in connectivity and bring to people’s reality, to provide clarity about what happens, what they already use and what they can use,” explains teacher Gabriela Vieira Silva, who is a biologist and agronomist, doctor in Agronomy / Plant Health and co-founder of the company Agribela, which develops technologies for the management of agricultural pests. “Understanding the tools available is part of the efficiency of the process. It is very important that all those involved in agribusiness have this notion of connectivity to know how to take advantage of these tools in the best possible way, both for themselves and for the field”.

More dedicated to informing than to form, the course addresses the historical aspects of agribusiness and the use of technologies, the four revolutions through which the sector has already passed, and the changes brought about by the new Information and Communication Technologies, focusing on the reality of the student, who already lives with a good part of these tools in his or her daily life.

“I will be satisfied if the student ends up with more doubts than before at the beginning, not in relation to the course and content, but in relation to what he/she does and can do”, jokes Gabriela. “I hope that the course awakens the student’s will to look for new information, other courses, to understand all this revolution and become part of it”.

The course “Connectivity: the digital transformation of Agribusiness” is free, like all the other content of the TIM Tec platform. There are no pre-requisites. To attend the classes, just have access to the Internet.