AWC Investment Fair will be online and open to the public

AWC Investment Fair will be online and open to the public

Next Saturday, July 10th, the Investment Fair of the 2020 Edition of Academic Working Capital (AWC) will be held. On the occasion, the participating university students will present their innovative ideas to potential investors. The AWC is an entrepreneurial education program promoted by Instituto TIM that supports new technology-based businesses by creating a product during the Course Completion Work (TCC).

“This edition of the AWC was a milestone for Instituto TIM. Through technology, which connected everyone during the pandemic, we were able to fulfill our goal of encouraging entrepreneurship in universities. We have a unique approach in the universe of development programs, working with students who would never imagine turning their TCC into a company, encouraging them to invest in a dynamic career with opportunities based on their own talent,” says the President of Instituto TIM, Mario Girasole. 

The Investment Fair is the last stage of the program. To get to this point the students participated, over a period of ten months, in several workshops and mentorships with technology experts. Ideas are selected through a public notice and all must have a common objective: to contribute to society’s challenges. In the last five years, the AWC has collaborated with the creation of 50 startups. 

In this fifth year of the AWC nine products were developed, among them are a smart chair that corrects bad posture amid the frequent adoption of the home office, an App that identifies excessive use of social networks, and a tissue bioprinting system for use in clinical trials. On Saturday, the university students will have three minutes to present their projects to a panel of seven people, including professionals from the market, from the innovation area, and potential investors. 

The event will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., online, and it will be open to anyone who wants to participate, just access the link: There will also be a lecture with Maurício Vilar, CEO of Tembici, the startup responsible for the bike sharing system.


Check out the complete program:


9:30 a.m.: Opening

9:45 a.m.: AWC Experience – the university students will tell us what it was like to participate in the project

10:15 a.m.: Maurício Villar (Tembici’s CEO)

11 a.m.: Pitch

11:45 a.m.: Fair

2 p.m.: Closing