Inclusion and Empowerment in the TIM Institute Drums

Inclusion and Empowerment in the TIM Institute Drums

On September 21st, we celebrate the International Day of the Fight for Persons with Disabilities, a date that reminds us of the importance of promoting inclusion and empowerment in our society. In this context, it is important to highlight the work carried out at the TIM Institute Drums, which plays a fundamental role in the journey of inclusion of children and young people with and without disabilities in Rio de Janeiro.
The Tim Institute’s Drums is a project committed to promoting social inclusion and democratizing access to music education. The project began with a focus on musical education for the deaf and, over time, expanded to include people with different disabilities. Led by Mestre Mangueirinha and Rubens Kurin, the Drums offers free percussion, body expression and singing classes, providing learning opportunities, broadening horizons and growth for all participants, including the professionals involved.
Mestre Mangueirinha, who has been in charge of teaching the TIM Institute Drums since the beginning of the program, declares: “One of the greatest relevance of the TIM Institute Drums is the exchange of information. We learn much more from each student than we teach. These are learning that we take into our lives and that bring us a new perspective as professionals and human beings.”

Accessibility and inclusion

On this International Day of the Fight for Persons with Disabilities, it is also important to reflect on what measures can be adopted to increase access for all people. The Inclusion Law aims to ensure that every child has accessibility resources to maximize their development and skills by alleviating barriers. According to an estimate by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 18.6 million people over the age of two have some type of disability in the country, which corresponds to 8.9% of Brazilians who still face significant challenges, from access to education to the job market.
With its inclusive methodology, the Instituto TIM Battery continues to provide accessibility resources. The team is committed to respecting each student’s learning time, adapting teaching methods to meet individual needs. From the use of Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) to approaches like Lucas Ciavatta’s “O Passo” (The Step), the Drums uses a variety of techniques to make music accessible to everyone. In addition to classes, the Drums form a musical group with the students, performing public performances. This not only empowers participants, but also demonstrates the power of music as an effective tool for social integration.
The story of TIM Institute Drums reminds us that, together, it is possible to create a more inclusive world, celebrating the diversity that enriches society.

New cycle later this year

The TIM Institute Drums returns later this year. Registration for new members will be announced soon.