TIM Institute’s Drumming returns to rehearsals after recess

TIM Institute’s Drumming returns to rehearsals after recess

TIM Institute’s Drumming classes returned on January 14th, and rehearsals are already in a carnival rhythm. The members are getting ready to perform in a Mini Carnival Block in February, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the pre-carnival presentation, there will be a general rehearsal that will be open to the public.

Currently, 50 members participate in the project, many with different disabilities, including auditory, visual and mental, who receive free percussion, body language and singing lessons. The presentations open to the public will take place in Tijuca, known territory of the Band that rehearses every Saturday at the Center of Carioca Music Artur da Távola. That’s where the dress rehearsal will take place, at 11am on February 4th, in the local garden. The Mini Block leaves on the 11th, at 10 am, at Xavier de Brito Square.

“Gustavo joined the Band project without mastering any instrument. And seeing him excited to go every Saturday, witnessing him playing the rattle and singing, even with some of his limitations and the delay in speech development, showing enthusiasm, happiness and contentment, is pure and immense joy and gratitude. May this project last for many, many years”, reports Camila, mother of 8-year-old Gustavo, who has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and joined the Tim Institute’s Drumming in 2022.

Special end of year

On the last day of classes before the TIM Institute’s Drumming recess period, students and their families gathered in an action to celebrate the past year at the Center of Carioca Music Artur da Távola. All members of the Band received a gift card and food baskets. The action began in 2020 with the intention of minimizing the social impacts caused by COVID-19 pandemic and making the festive dates at the end of the year more cheerful, despite social distancing. This year, however, the delivery could be in person, in a moment of fraternization between students and teachers. In addition to the baskets with typical Christmas items, a gift card worth R$100 was given to each of the participants.

“Our feeling was one of immense gratitude when we received the baskets and the gift card on the last day of school. Gustavo was ecstatic to have a card with which he could buy him a gift. With the contents of the basket, our Christmas and also the New Year’s celebration was a plentiful table for our family and, I imagine, also for all the students of the Drumming”, completes Camila.