Bateria cheers the party during Rio’s Carnival

Bateria cheers the party during Rio’s Carnival

Already part of the tradition, Bateria do Instituto TIM performed at the Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival in two moments of great joy and fun. The first took place at the pre-Carnival of the Artur da Távola Municipal Reference Centre for Rio de Janeiro Music, with an estimated audience of 120 people, on 02/08. On February 16, it was the kids’ turn to party in the Mini Bloco, which always parades on the Saturdays of Carnival at Xavier de Brito Square, in Tijuca, with the participation of about two thousand people.

From traditional sambas to classic Carnival marchinhas, the repertoire of the two performances of the samba band made everybody move. And in order to perfect these performances, the drummers resumed their activities shortly after the New Year’s break and rehearsed throughout the month of January.

Among the compositions presented at the pre-Carnival of the Reference Centre, the following stand out: “Tristeza”, famous in the voice of Beth Carvalho; “É Hoje”, samba-enredo from the 1982 parade of the União da Ilha do Governador school; “Lata D’Água”, by Joaquim Antônio Candeias Junior; “Maracangalha”, by Dorival Caymmi; “Allah-la-ô”, by Haroldo Lobo and Antonio Nássara; “Bandeira Branca”, by Max Nunes and Laércio Alves; and “Cidade Maravilhosa”, by André Filho.


In the presentation with Mini Bloco, in addition to the traditional Carnival sambas and marchinhas, the samba band dedicated a set to children’s folklore songs, such as “Atirei o pau no gato”, “Ciranda cirandinha”, “O sapo não lava o pé” and “O cravo e a rosa”, among others.

After the Carnival performances, the samba band takes a new break before resuming the activities in 2020, scheduled for March.