TIM Tec: New skills with free online courses

TIM Tec: New skills with free online courses

With social distancing decreed by municipal and state governments to fight the spread of COVID-19, much of everyday life has been transferred to the virtual environment. A good example is the study. And for those who are looking to develop a new skill, the TIM Tec platform (cursos.timtec.com.br), from Instituto TIM, has 30 free online courses that expand the training of professionals from different areas.

TIM Tec is the first MOOC-style platform (massive open online courses) developed in free software entirely in Brazil. Anyone can register and take the courses, free of charge, as long as they are connected to the internet. Some contents are recommended for those who have prior knowledge on a certain subject, but everything can be accessed freely. Students have a forum, in which they can interact and exchange experiences with colleagues, and suggestions of additional learning materials.

The courses are divided into 8 areas of knowledge. Check the list below and click on the links to access them:


For those who are opening or want to open their own business

Developed under the guidance of the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education, these courses integrate the initial and continuing training for professional qualification in Entrepreneurship.


To write better

The course teaches concepts and elements that help students learn to write well, presenting their ideas in a clear and organized way – an important requirement for any type of professional.


For teachers

These courses contribute for teachers to discover new resources to enhance the teaching and learning process in relation to subjects such as science teaching in Elementary School, online course platforms and production of video lessons.


For those who work or want to enter the games market

These courses help the student acquire the necessary skills to make editorial content available in digital formats and platforms, building digital books and Web applications for cell phones and tablets.


For those who work or want to enter the e-book market

These courses provide students with knowledge applicable to the development of games for various devices and with different purposes, such as entertainment, education, training, advertising, etc.


For those who work or want to work with mobile programming

These courses helps the student to become a developer of apps for mobile devices, a profile with high demand in the job market.


For those who work or want to work with web development

These courses teach theories and elements that can be used in the creation of functional and responsive websites, from the design of information architecture, through the creation of an interface and ending with advanced development techniques.


For those who work or want to work with software development

These courses cover methodologies, tools and software development concepts that can be used by professionals and students interested in producing Web content and systems.