Developing skills for the future: Exponential Education Project concludes another class

Developing skills for the future: Exponential Education Project concludes another class

The world is constantly changing, with new developments and an avalanche of information emerging all the time. Faced with this dynamic and complex scenario, how can we adequately prepare for the future? The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report identified the most crucial skills to be developed. These include analytical thinking, creativity, lifelong learning, technological literacy and leadership.

It is essential to cultivate these skills not only for the job market, but also to build a future characterized by autonomy and citizenship. With this in mind, the NGO One By One, in partnership with TIM Institute, has completed another successful class of the Exponential Education course. The course proposes a learning journey that starts with the creation of a fictitious app development company, aimed at developing these skills that are so relevant in contemporary times for the people assisted by the NGO and their families.

The second class of this year was attended by more than 40 enthusiastic students. Everyone’s involvement with the course has brought about visible changes in the participants.

“At the beginning of the course I was very shy, I had a lot of doubts and couldn’t ask questions. But the teacher helped me overcome my shyness and in the last class I was even able to speak,” says student Marina.

The certification ceremony, held in December, was a moment of celebration and recognition of the effort put in throughout the course. More than 40 students received their certificates, together with the monitors and the teacher, symbolizing the achievement of all the participants.

“We celebrated the end of another semester of the Exponential Education Project with great joy! We awarded certificates to 44 talented students. Thank you for this incredible journey!” says Julia Novaes, a former student and current teacher on the course.