Learning and engagement: Find out what AWC Workshop I was like

Learning and engagement: Find out what AWC Workshop I was like

Imagine a scenario where young creatives and innovators come together to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Well, this vision became reality on September 23 and 24, 2023, during Workshop I of the Academic Working Capital (AWC) program. The event, held in the inspiring space of FAAP-B/Hub, marked a meeting of brilliant minds, full of learning and engagement.

The event brought together around 30 AWC participants representing 20 academic projects, from the most diverse corners of Brazil. Among them, Sim.ECC, a solution for monitoring the health of dairy cows; MentorAI, a professional mentoring platform for high school students; and DIMPE, an intelligent surveillance system with drones and artificial intelligence. These projects show the diversity of themes covered in this edition. Since its launch in 2015, the AWC has supported nearly 200 innovative initiatives involving more than 500 students from 70 universities across the country.

Workshop I was attended by special guests who shared a wealth of invaluable experiences. Gabriela Bittencourt, an expert in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Impact and Sustainability, shared transformative insights with participants. Marcos Barretto, writer of the methodology applied at AWC, inspired everyone with his innovative vision.

The lectures were another highlight of the event. Names like Leandro Queiroz, Pedro Salum, Augusto Aielo, Alexandre Rocha, Bárbara Brilhante, Diogo Dutra and Ricardo Ferreira brought knowledge and inspiration to the participants. Furthermore, the presence of mentors, including Sergio Leonardo Pacheco Antezana, Fabio Zoppi Barrionuevo, Bárbara Brilhante de Oliveira and Alexandre Machado Rocha, played a fundamental role in the success of the Workshop. They not only provided valuable guidance, but also enriched the participants’ journey with networking and one-on-one advice.

Upcoming activities

AWC’s commitment to supporting and inspiring young entrepreneurs remains strong with the programming of the first Flippeds, an innovative teaching approach in which students access learning content before class, allowing the meeting with mentors to be dedicated to discussions interactive activities, practical exercises and collaborative activities. Flippeds are scheduled for October and November and promise to provide an even more enriching learning experience for AWC participants.