Scholarships for more 52 medallists

Scholarships for more 52 medallists

Instituto TIM-OBMEP Scholarships will benefit more 52 medallists of the Brazilian Public School Math Olympics (OBMEP) from this month on. They join the 48 university students who have already been receiving the R$ 1200 scholarship monthly since 2015, totalizing 100 young people from 41 public institutions of higher education.

The selection process, carried out in February, received 629 applications. The choice of the scholars was made by representatives of the National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) with the support of Instituto TIM, taking into account the academic quality and financial needs of the students. Due to two scholars left in 2015, one because of low academic performance and the other for changing to a non-included course in the call for bids, two students were chosen in addition to the 50 planned.

Students of 16 courses in 16 states have been selected this year, being Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Bahia the states which have more scholars. In addition to the monthly scholarship, with 12-month duration (renewable up to a maximum of 48 months), the scholars receive academic monitoring of university professors, working in OBMEP as regional coordinators. Following, you will see the universities and courses in which scholars are enrolled.


Universidade Federal do Amapá: 1 scholar

Instituto Federal da Bahia: 2 scholars
Universidade Federal da Bahia: 3 scholars

Universidade Federal do Ceará: 1 scholar

Distrito Federal
Universidade de Brasília: 1 scholar

Espírito Santo
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo: 1 scholar

Universidade Estadual de Goiás: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Goiás: 1 scholar

Minas Gerais
Instituto Federal do Norte de Minas Gerais: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Alfenas: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Lavras: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais: 3 scholars
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Uberlândia: 4 scholars
Universidade Federal de Viçosa: 3 scholars

Mato Grosso
Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso: 1 scholar

Universidade Federal da Paraíba: 1 scholar

Universidade de Pernambuco: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco: 3 scholars

Universidade Estadual do Piauí: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal do Piauí: 2 scholars


Universidade Federal do Paraná: 1 scholar
Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná: 1 scholar

Rio de Janeiro
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro: 2 scholars

Rio Grande do Sul
Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria: 1 scholar

Santa Catarina
Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina: 2 scholars

São Paulo
Instituto Federal de São Paulo: 1 scholar
Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica: 2 scholars
Universidade de São Paulo: 2 scholars
Universidade Estadual de Campinas: 1 scholar
Universidade Estadual Paulista: 1 scholar
Universidade Federal de São Carlos: 2 scholars


Systems Analysis and Development: 1 scholar
Computer Science: 2 scholars
Engineering: 2 scholars
Aeronautic Engineering: 1 scholar
Civil Engineering: 9 scholars
Computer Engineering: 2 scholars
Electrical Engineering: 4 scholars
Electronic and Computer Engineering: 1 scholar
Forestry Engineering: 1 scholar
Mechanical Engineering: 3 scholars
Mechatronics Engineering: 1 scholar
Chemical Engineering: 1 scholar
Statistics: 1 scholar
Physics: 4 scholars
Mathematics: 12 scholars
Medicine: 7 scholars