IT and Setec/MEC sign Cooperation Agreement

IT and Setec/MEC sign Cooperation Agreement

Representatives of the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (Setec/MEC), Instituto TIM and TIM Brasil signed a Cooperation Agreement, officializing the partnership to share the technology and content of the TIM Tec platform with public education institutions from Rede e-Tec Brasil. The secretary of Professional and Technological Education, Eline Neves Braga Nascimento, signed the document on May 22nd in Brasilia-DF at Setec’s Cabinet, located at the headquarters of MEC.

Since 2015, public institutions across the country began to adopt the TIM Tec software to create custom MOOC platforms, through the partnership between Instituto TIM and Setec. The Cooperation Agreement officializes this partnership and formalizes the endorsement of Setec to the TIM Tec platform as an initiative aligned to Pronatec ideals and strategies. In addition to providing the TIM Tec software for free, Instituto TIM supports and monitors the institutions in the process of installing and using the platform. The Agreement also includes the customization of the software to include up to five new features that may be requested by Setec.

“The offer meets the purpose of Setec, which is to expand and democratize access to free and public high school level technical courses”, says Eline. “This modality allows people who cannot take a classroom course to have access to online courses, being able to study anywhere, at any time.”

So far, 22 Federal Institutes, a Federal Center of Technological Education and Dom Moacyr Institute have already installed or are in the process of installing their platforms, which can provide both the courses produced by TIM Tec and their own courses, aimed at the internal and external audiences. “The institutions can make available on the platform specific courses focused on the pedagogical plan used by them, reinforcing the content taught and helping in the students’ learning”, explains the secretary.

Entrepreneurship courses

It is also part of the partnership between Instituto TIM and Setec the creation of three courses focused on micro-entrepreneurs, which will be an integrant part of Pronatec. The courses Entrepreneurship 1: Undertaking with purpose; Entrepreneurship 2: How to plan your business; and Entrepreneurship 3: How to evolve your business will address essential topics for those who will open a micro or small business or are becoming individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI). They will be released soon on the TIM Tec platform and made available to all institutions that want to publish them in their MOOC platforms.