Courses for improvement in areas recruiting in IT

Courses for improvement in areas recruiting in IT

If professional improvement is a requirement for all areas, when it comes to technology it is even more important. With new languages, software and tools emerging all the time, the professionals of Information Technology (IT) need to be attentive to market demands and seek courses and certifications. The TIM Tec platform ( helps IT professionals to improve their skills and acquire new knowledge. Check out some IT careers recruiting in 2017, according to the consultancies Michael Page, Page Personnel, Page Talent, Reachr and Conquest One, plus suggestions of courses in the TIM Tec platform for your improvement.

Experts in UX and UI

The UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) professionals usually work together. UX experts analyze the users’ experience in digital environments, finding ways to improve the interaction of people with websites, apps and software. In turn, the UI professional is responsible for creating the interface that will provide this experience, that is, thinking about the design of buttons, menus and all other visual aspects. These are careers which are currently recruiting because they contribute to the relationship of companies with their customers in digital environments.

Check out on TIM Tec: UX and UI Design


Mobile developer

This professional works with the programming of apps, games and websites designed for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Since it is a segment that has recently become popular, there are few specialization courses available in Brazil and there is a lack of professionals with extensive training and experience in the market.

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Java developer

Java is the most widely used programming language in the world. It can be applied across different platforms and runs on all operating systems. Even so, the number of qualified professionals to work with Java does not follow the market demand, since it is a language that requires many certifications.

Check out on TIM Tec: Introduction to programming in Java language; Web development with Java and Apache Wicket


Python/Ruby developer

More and more companies and startups use the languages Python or Ruby, which are also present in applications from large corporations such as Google, Apple, Mozilla and Twitter. The developer communities of both are very active, but there are still few professionals with in-depth knowledge in these languages.

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