TIM Faz Ciência training in SP and RS

TIM Faz Ciência training in SP and RS

The training sessions of the TIM Faz Ciência program have already started. The first meetings were held in São Bernardo do Campo-SP, on April 24th, and in Porto Alegre-RS, on April 24th and 26th. The events aimed at demonstrating the program and teaching materials to the participating teachers, and 400 of the 2,400 educators registered across the country attended. An initiative from Instituto TIM, TIM Faz Ciência invites teachers and students from the 4th and 5th years to examine in class seven intellectual operations necessary for the production of scientific knowledge: observing, verifying, classifying, questioning, defining, applying and generalizing.

The São Bernardo do Campo meeting was held at CENFORPE (Education Professionals Training Centre). The meeting was attended by 106 teachers, in addition to representatives of the Municipal Department of Education and the TIM Faz Ciência team. Those who participated watched the inaugural lecture given by professor José Sérgio Carvalho, a Philosophy of Education lecturer at the University of São Paulo – who also gave the video classes that are part of the TIM Faz Ciência resources. Cesar Nunes, a PhD in Physics and an expert in Teaching for Educational Understanding and Assessment, also attended the meeting: he presented the teaching materials and activities and did some exercises with the teachers.

The educators from São Bernardo do Campo cleared their doubts, shared experiences and collected their kits. “What caught the teacher’s attention the most was the support, with videos, workshop, Customer Service and communication channels. They were really excited,” said Cecília de Oliveira Prado, head of the Teacher Valuation Section in São Bernardo.

As for the two training sessions held in Porto Alegre, about 300 teachers met with representatives of the Municipal Department of Education and the TIM Faz Ciência staff in the City Council. They also received the kit with the materials of the project, asked questions and took part in training, which was held by the educator Lilian Faversani, specialist in Childhood, Psychoanalysis and Education and Higher Education Teaching.

Adriana Guedes, deputy Pedagogical director of the Porto Alegre Municipal Department of Education, said teachers think it was a positive meeting and liked the content of the educational material and videos. “The materials can be used in all areas, not only for science. These are activities I can do in a Portuguese class because it will develop scientific reasoning at any time,” he says. 

To learn more about TIM Faz Ciência, visit: timfazciencia.com.br.