ZUP is launched in Rio and Boa Vista

ZUP is launched in Rio and Boa Vista

The ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance) platform was officially launched in two more cities: Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Boa Vista (RR). The free software created by the Instituto TIM will be used in both cities by municipal agents to improve the management of urban services and assets. ZUP is already in operation in São Bernardo do Campo (SP).


In Rio de Janeiro, the launch took place on December 1 at Centro de Operações Rio (COR). The event was attended by the municipal Conservation secretary, Marcus Belchior, and the president of the Instituto TIM, Manoel Horacio. The ZUP installation in Rio de Janeiro was named ConservaZUP and is intended for agents from the Municipal Conservation Department (SECONSERVA).

Through the platform, they can register and receive service requests such as replace street lights, road maintenance, among others, have access to the history of each request and communicate with teams from SECONSERVA. The pilot phase of the implementation of ConservaZUP lasted 30 days and showed positive results: over 1400 requests were generated and the agents’ working time was reduced. The Instituto TIM also organized a training of managers to use the platform.


ZUP Boa Vista

On December 2 it was Boa Vista’s turn to launch its ZUP installation. The event was held at Palácio 9 de Julho, the City Hall headquarters, and was attended by Mayor Teresa Surita, the municipal secretaries for Digital Inclusion, Arthur Henrique Brandão, for Social Management, Simone Andrade, and for Works and Urbanism, Raimundo Maia, state representative Jorge Everton, councilman Alderman Mauricélio Fernandes and representative of the Instituto TIM Jaqueline Pina.

In the capital city of Roraima, the system implementation provides for the use of three ZUP system components: ZUP Gestão, ZUP Inventários and ZUP Fiscal. ZUP Gestão has been in operation since July. Now, the society’s demands received on 156 are managed through a system called VcBV, from the notification to the resolution. Several municipal departments and superintendences use the system, which to date has registered more than 6,500 requests.

In addition to the reports coming via 156/VcBV, ZUP Gestão also monitors the data arriving through the field work by the City Hall technicians using the ZUP Inventários and ZUP Fiscal applications. In this first stage, ZUP Inventários is being used by the Municipal Department of Social Management with a focus on social programs in the municipality, such as the monitoring of families enrolled in the Minha Casa Minha Vida program. And ZUP Fiscal will be used by the Health Surveillance Board for inspecting establishments. The day before the event, the Instituto TIM promoted training on ZUP Boa Vista to agents of the Municipal Department of Social Management.

Boa Vista photo credit: Diego Dantas