AWC: Pitches training close Workshop

AWC: Pitches training close Workshop

The last day of Workshop III of the Academic Working Capital program in 2015 was dedicated to the preparation of pitches that students would present at the AWC Investment Fair, scheduled for the next day. During the whole day on December 16, the groups attended lectures, trained their presentations and visited the place where the Fair will take place. Workshop III started on December 14 and is being held at the auditorium and rooms of the Mechanical and Naval Engineering building of the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP).

The first lecture of the day was presented by member of the Entrepreneurship Center of USP and AWC adviser Artur Vilas Boas. He stressed that it is possible to turn the projects into big business with hard work and spoke of the importance of a good narrative to conquer the public. “Building a cool story around the project helps investors and everyone who is watching the presentation to better understand what is being done. The technical part of the engineering is just a detail that everyone knows you have mastered,” said Artur.

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During the afternoon, students gathered in their groups and worked on the presentations. With guidance by Diogo Dutra, AWC content coordinator, they fine-tuned their speeches and materials on the project for the presentation at the AWC Investment Fair. They also made a training round of pitches and received feedback from Diogo Dutra and professor at Poli-USP and AWC academic coordinator Marcos Barretto.

To close the day, Diogo and Marcos gave a final speech in which they thanked the commitment of each of the students and took the opportunity to highlight the work of the advisers and the whole AWC team. “From now on, every day you will feel butterflies in your stomachs and this is normal in entrepreneurship,” completed Diogo.

Second day of Workshop III the sales and patents as its theme

Participants of the Academic Working Capital will participate in the AWC Investment Fair and will present their projects to investors and big players of entrepreneurship. The Fair will be open to the public and take place on December 17 from 9am to 10pm at the Technological Park of the state of São Paulo.