Mapas Culturais arrives in Espírito Santo

Mapas Culturais arrives in Espírito Santo

The state of Espírito Santo is the newest member of Mapas Culturais network. On March 7th, it was carried out the launch of the autonomous deployment of Mapas in the state, called Mapa Cultural ES. The event opened the 2nd Forum of Municipal Secretaries and Leaders of Culture, held at the Sônia Cabral Culture Palace in Vitória. Secretaries and representatives of the management teams of the State Department of Culture, municipal departments of Culture of 39 municipalities of Espírito Santo and Instituto TIM were present, totaling around 150 guests.

The ceremony began with a speech by the state secretary of Culture of Espírito Santo, João Gualberto Vasconcellos, who spoke about the state’s cultural policy and the launch of the platform. “Mapa Cultural ES is an important piece in the cultural promotion policy. The platform enables the inclusion of people in the creative economy, through the production and improvement of information”, he said.

The Instituto TIM representative Fernanda Laranja highlighted the work developed in the network to leverage the use of Mapas. “Among the objectives of this project it is to strengthen the National Culture Plan and, consequently, to have scalability. Be useful for cultural management in the entire country. That’s why we opted for free software and networking.”

Felipe Cabral, from the Mapas Culturais team, told the story of the project, navigated by the platform to present its features and answered questions from the guests. Then, Anna Luiza Lemos Saiter, from the Management of the State System of Culture of Espírito Santo, emphasized the importance of all municipalities to adhere to the platform. Anna added that the more municipalities participate, the more information the State Department of Culture will have on how the culture is distributed in the state.

Mapa Cultural ES is the 21st deployment of Mapas Culturais in the country. The tool is also in operation in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Sul, Tocantins, Mato Grosso and São Paulo, in the Federal District and in the cities of São Paulo (SP), Sobral (CE), Blumenau (SC), São José dos Campos (SP), João Pessoa (PB), Santo André (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Ubatuba (SP) and Parnaíba (PI), in addition to the municipalities of the Santa Catarina Northeast Municipalities Association (AMUNESC). In the Ministry of Culture (MinC), the software is used in the platforms Cultura Viva, Museus BR, Mapa das Bibliotecas and Mapa da Cultura.