A day to prepare for the Fair at Workshop III

A day to prepare for the Fair at Workshop III

Elaborating slides and materials and training pitches: the activities of the groups of Academic Working Capital 2017 on the second day of Workshop III were totally focused on the Investiments Fair, which will be held on December 13th. The groups also attended a lecture and had a final moment of integration, closing Workshop III with lots of fun and high expectations for the Fair. The activities occurred at the building of Mechanical and Naval Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP).

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To open the day’s schedule, Miguel Chaves, from the AWC team, conducted a talk about networking. He reinforced the need to maintain a network of professional contacts and gave tips on how to make new contacts, maintain them and even lose them, in case they are somehow getting in the way. An important recommendation is to establish ties that go beyond the business world. “Always, in any conversation, do not go to sell, go to know,” he said.

After spending the rest of the morning working on their presentation slides, the groups gathered in the auditorium to get to know the six groups selected to present a pitch at the Investments Fair. Diogo Dutra, AWC’s content coordinator, explained that the choice of the groups took into consideration participation and performance throughout the year. Those selected were RT AirQual, a platform aimed towards street athletes that monitors air quality; RoadieBot, a device that allows for the remote control of guitar and bass amplifiers; Road Labs, a mapping system of irregularities on freeways; SelfUp, an app that helps coaches to manage their work; Detec, a monitoring system of ammonia leaks in refrigeration industries; and Dear Grand, an equipment that monitors the physical conditions and location of Alzheimer patients.

Soon after, it was time to practice the pitch. All the groups, including those that were not selected to present at the Fair, made their pitches and received feedback from the AWC team and their colleagues via Slack. The day ended with a moment of integration, when the students received participation certificates and the program’s t-shirts. The AWC team even prepared a joke and awarded each group in creative categories, such as the most attuned team (RoadieBot) and the always prepared team (Detec).

The AWC team and participants shared their impressions of all the work developed throughout the year. “I never thought that I would learn so much about entrepreneurship in a year like I did here,” affirmed Caio Feitoza, from Send Care group. “You made us believe more in our potential,” added Indaiá Gehlen, from Embalagens Ativas group. Diogo said that AWC’s work intends to help students to feel more confident to undertake and emphasized how proud he is of everyone’s efforts.