TFC pays tribute to teachers in Ceará

TFC pays tribute to teachers in Ceará

The awarded teachers: Emily González, Suelen de Araujo Santos, Elisângela Oliveira Pereira, Ednéia Patrícia Dias, Nilza Maria Morais Cunha e Alires Jakobowski


About 150 people attended the annual conclusion of the TIM Faz Ciência program and the ceremony of the TIM Faz Ciência Award in Fortaleza (CE), on December 11. The event was attended by municipal Assistant Secretary of Education of Fortaleza, Márcia Campos, the municipal Secretary of Education of Aquiraz (CE), Terezinha Holanda, pedagogical coordinator of the Municipal Department of Education of Aquiraz, Sandra Dantas, and Representative of the Instituto TIM Sérgio Brasilis. The guests watched a lecture by Professor José Sérgio de Carvalho, author of texts and classes of the teaching materials of TFC, and a tribute to five teachers and a representative of the Municipal Department of Education (SME) who stood out in 2015.

The audience at Teatro Celina Queiroz, at the University of Fortaleza (Unifor), was made up of representatives of SMEs from 15 cities and by educators and students from Fortaleza, Aquiraz and São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE). Sérgio Brasilis spoke at the opening ceremony on the success of the program, which in 2015 was attended by about 3,500 teachers and 120,000 students. “This year the Instituto TIM celebrates two years of existence, and one of the most beautiful gifts we received was the reports sent by teachers and students who shared their experiences with us and expressed their joy in participating in TIM Faz Ciência”, he said.

Sandra Dantas said she wants to keep the partnership of the SME of Aquiraz with TIM Faz Ciência. “It is a privilege for us to participate in this program. We know how important it is and how much it contributes to the development of our children.” Márcia Campos also thanked the partnership with TIM Faz Ciência and stated that the intention in 2016 is to double the number of participating schools in Fortaleza, which this year were 57. “When we work with a network, we need well-structured programs, a path for the transfer of good ideas to the classroom in order to reach many teachers and schools,” she emphasized.

Professor José Sérgio de Carvalho, associate professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of São Paulo (USP), gave a lecture on the theme “School culture, science education and ethics formation”, with a reflection on the role of schools in shaping the moral virtues of the students. Next, teacher Lilian Faversani, one of the responsible for preparing the TFC material, thanked the participation of teachers in the program and presented student Ana Laura, from the 5th year of EM Quintino Cunha, in Fortaleza. The student of teacher Nilza Maria Morais Cunha read a letter that she wrote about the activities she performed in TFC and what she learned during the courses.

Five teachers were called on stage to receive a trophy in recognition of activities developed during the year. The awarded teachers were Nilza Maria Morais Cunha; Elisângela Oliveira Pereira, from the 5th year of EMEF José Ferreira da Costa, Aquiraz; Suelen de Araújo Santos, from the 4th year of EMEB Maria Adelaide, São Bernardo do Campo (SP); Ednéia Patrícia Dias, from the 5th year of EB Maria Tomázia Coelho, Florianópolis (SC); and Alires Jakobowski, from the 4th and 5th years of EMEF Professora Araci Duarte, Massaranduba (SC). To complete the honors, the director of the 1st and 2nd cycles of Basic Education of the SME of Niterói (RJ), Emily González, also received a trophy for her work in the program.