TFC: colloquium and year closure

TFC: colloquium and year closure

TIM Faz Ciência program carried out a colloquium in Curitiba (PR) on November 17th at the Continuous Training Center, in which teachers could share the activities performed over the year. The event also set the program closure in 2016 and paid a tribute to three Departments of Education that stood out in the local management of the program: Curitiba, Fortaleza (CE) and Federal District. One teacher from Fortaleza and one from Brasília (DF) were invited to present their work along with 11 teachers from Curitiba.

During the morning, the event opening had the presence of the municipal secretary of Education of Curitiba, Roberlayne Borges Roballo; the director of the Basic Education Division of the Municipal Department of Education of Curitiba, Letícia Mara de Meira; the manager of Full-time Education of the Municipal Department of Education of Curitiba, Adriane Farion; Instituto TIM’s president, Manoel Horacio; and teacher Lilian Faversani, trainer and one of the responsible persons for creating the TFC material. In the afternoon, the opening was carried out by Letícia, Adriane and Lilian, in addition to Juciele Loeper, manager of Curriculum at the Basic Education Division of the Municipal Department of Education of Curitiba; and Anna Carolina Meireles, Instituto TIM representative.

“Today we will get to know work of teachers who show that understanding, producing and sharing knowledge with the world can be stunning, in addition to be a possible way for an increasingly better country for all of us”, said Manoel Horacio. The municipal secretary of Education of Curitiba talked about the joy to have almost <a href=”” target=”_blank”>70% of municipal schools in the city as part of TFC</a> and the importance to have a partnership with the civil society to improve the public education. “I am very grateful for this work proposal developed by Instituto TIM, which opened new horizons and established very meaningful actions in schools”, she added.

In honor to the three Departments of Education invited, Instituto TIM’s president awarded a TFC trophy to Roberlayne, to Andréa Peres Fragoso, education technician at the Basic Education I Cell of the Municipal Department of Education of Fortaleza, and to Marília Teixeira, manager of Basic Education Special Projects and Programs of the State Education Department of the Federal District. Teachers who participated in the colloquium were also honored and received e-book readers (Kindle).

Lilian made a presentation about the program to the audience – consisted by members of the pedagogical team of the Municipal Department of Education of Curitiba and teachers and managers of participant schools in the city – and explained the values present in TFC: environment, confidence, language, community and willingness for the world. After that, the colloquium started, with teachers’ presentations and comments made by Lilian. In both periods, teachers demonstrated proud, emotion and gratefulness for the works performed and results achieved with their classes from the TFC courses.

“If you check out my students’ notebook in the beginning of the year and after TIM Faz Ciência, the difference is clear and evident. In the beginning of the year it is very traditional, the text is there and the activity is related to that text. After I started working with TIM Faz Ciência, my horizon got wider and I found out that it was possible to pass my contents on another way”, described the teacher Eliane Abel de Oliveira, of CEI Journalist Claudio Abramo, of Curitiba. “They are doing very well on the exams and it their learning is improving a lot.”

In addition to Eliane, the teachers Patrícia Andrade, of EC 10 de Taguatinga, of Brasília; Marília Ariela, of EM Quintino Cunha, of Fortaleza; and more 10 teachers of Curitiba participated in the colloquium: Lezi Maria de Almeida, of EM Heráclito Fontoura Sobral Pinto; Silvana Aparecida da Silva and Marily Orsolon, of EM Irati; Manuelle Simeão, of CEI Romário Martins; Sonia Domingues, of EM Paulo Freire; Clarice Lunardon and Josiane Kuracz, of EM Ayrton Senna da Silva; Viviane Hansen, of EM Campo Mourão; Ezequiel Neves da Silva, of EM Santa Ana Mestra; and Elizabeth Minetto, of CEI Journalist Claudio Abramo and CMAE Maria Cândida Fankin Abrão.

From left to right: Adriane Farion, manager of Full-time Education of the Municipal Department of Education of Curitiba; Manoel Horacio, Instituto TIM’s president; and Roberlayne Borges Roballo, secretary of Education of Curitiba