AWC: Pitches training at Workshop III

AWC: Pitches training at Workshop III

The second day of the Academic Working Capital 2016 Workshop III had lectures on intellectual property and networking, and a lot of training for the pitches that will be presented at the AWC Investments Fair. The activities were held on December 13 in the auditorium and in the rooms of the Mechanical and Naval Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP), in São Paulo-SP.

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To begin the day, attorney Aline Quadros, from HQ Advisory, did a lecture on intellectual property. She spoke about the differences between copyright (category in which software development fits), industrial property and sui generis protection, and explained patentability requirements, the importance of the search for anteriority and how the internationalization of a patent works. “Patent banks now account for 80% of the world’s technical knowledge,” Aline says. The lawyer also spoke of important concepts for startups that are points of attention for investors, such as due diligence, freedom to operate, design around and contracts.

The second talk was dedicated to relationship and networking. Miguel Chaves, a partner in the design and innovation consultancy CAOS Focado, gave tips for entrepreneurs to acquire new contacts, retain existing ones and discard those that are no longer useful. She also talked about the importance of personal marketing and recommendations, while students shared their own experiences in networking.

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After the lectures, the groups continued working on the slide deck that will be presented at the Investments Fair. The AWC content consultant, Diogo Dutra, talked about the next day’s schedule, explained how the space of each project at the Fair will be and announced the 5 groups chosen to present their pitches on the stage of the event to an invited board: Staat, Nanotropic, Fusion, Turnit and E-xpert. The students split into two large groups and participated in two rounds of pitches, receiving feedback from the monitors and colleagues.

After two intense days of work at Workshop III, a special award was made for the students to relax. Each group received a fun certificate, such as the Best Dress Code, for Nanotropic; Resilience Award for Garrafa LED; AWC Lone Wolf, for My Migraine; and the Phoenix Award for Parkaware.

To end the workshop, Diogo thanked the AWC groups and staff. He recalled that the differential of the program is the quality of the participants and that it is very important that institutions like Instituto TIM to engage in entrepreneurial education. “This is a collective learning environment. We are here to make you understand what a network of entrepreneurship is, what networking is,” he says. “We are very proud of you and proud of where each of you is going.”

The two days of Workshop III of the AWC 2016 are over, but activities continue on December 14 at the AWC Investments Fair, which takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Technological Park of the state of São Paulo, in São Paulo-SP.